Monday, June 30, 2014

It is all Up Hill

Hello everyone, everything is going well here in camarillo. Elder Gregory is really great, he has been out for almost 6 months now, but you wouldn't be able to tell unless someone told you. I was a little worried about being Sr. companion and everything but he is fantastic. I also get to live with the zone leaders again. In fact the same one that I lived with in thousand oaks, Elder Bate. The other zone leader was my district leader in Thousand Oaks for a couple transfers Elder Watts. This is going to be a great transfer. I am adjusting to being on a bike, but I am young still so I'll be fine. It is great though, because you can always stop and talk to someone on the street. It's a lot less wierd than pulling ove in a car. We live in the basement of a member's house, so thats fun. We hardly ever see them which is probably why we are here, and the bad part is that they live at the top of a hill. So I have extra motivation to not want to go back to the apartment and bike up that hill. The good new is that my legs are going to be ripped by the end of this transfer.
This last week was a really busy week I have slowly been unpacking things as I have needed them, and on Wednesday I got to meet a few of our investigators. Griffin, who is 18, has a LA father, so that's how the missionaries in the past found him. He is really awesome and is quite the gamer, so naturally we get along just fine. We taught him most of the Plan of Salvation and he really seems to understand what we teach, now the real test is if he is willing to act on it. I also met Terry who is middle aged, animal lover, quiet voice and medium height. She has been coming to church for the last couple of weeks and she loves it. The only problem is it is hard to sit down and have a lesson with her. She doesn't want it in her house (it's dirty or something) and we haven't been able to coordinated to have it at a members house yet, but I think that is going to happen soon. She has a lot of potential so I am excited to teach her more. On Thursday I did my first district meeting and I thought it went pretty well. It is a lot more stressful when you are the one in charge, and planning the whole thing. My district is small, it consists of Me and Elder Gregory, and four other sisters. They are all great and I am going to be able to get to know all of them really well. On Sunday I met the ward and they were excited to meet me and of course there were a bunch of people who know my mom and my sister. If I had a dog I'm sure they would know his name as well. Its good though this ward is very involved with missionary work and I am happy to be here. Thank you all for your prayers, and for all the support.

Elder Hamson

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