Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy 7'3" Day

This week was a pretty fantastic week. On Tuesday we had dinner with the Northrups and they invited their neighbors over as well! It was a great dinner we got to know everyone, and at the end we shared a message about families and how they can be forever. It was probably one of the best dinners I have ever had on my mission. The best part is when we leave and the two families get to talk about our message with us gone. We will be following up with the northrups about how that went soon.
Then on Wednesday I met Sister Davis for the first time. She isn't a member, but due to family situations she is the "mother figure" for a missionary in Colorado. She had a lot of questions about how missions work, and how she can help her missionary. It is a very interesting situation, and one of the wierdest lessons I've had. It turns out that she doesn't want to officially take the missionary lessons, but enjoys having us over. I told her she can't have one without the other. She thought that was pretty funny, but it didn't change her mind. We will see what happens with her.
Thursday was a fantastic day. It was 7/3/2014 so we officially made it 7'3" day. We celebrated by having breakfast for lunch at the Mileans. They are a great family with a tad bit of crazy. so they were more than happy to celebrate 7 foot 3 day with us. Then later that day we had a lesson with Sister Clark who is a recent convert, and her daughter Alyssa was there. Sister Clark has three kids (Johnny 10, Theo 11, Alyssa 13) who would like to be baptized, but thier father is completely against the church. The boys were at their Dads house, but we had a great lesson with Sister Clark and Alyssa. We brought Robbie along with us who will be getting his mission call next week, so there were a lot of great things going on all at once.
On Friday we had zone conference and got to meet President Felix and Sister Felix. They are exactly what this mission needs. They told us thier story and it was great to get to know them. They weren't what I expected, but at the same time they are way better than I expected. It went really long, so we had a late lunch. After that we went to see an investigator, and she was having a party with her whole family there, so we met everyone and had some food. They asked some really good questions, and overall it was fantastic. We got out of there just in time to race over to our dinner appointment, but after having a late lunch and eating at the party I really wasn't hungry. Some how I managed to eat a hamburger, and had dinner outside because her husband was gone. After that we went back to the apartment, because we were supposed to be in before 7:00 to avoid all of the craziness. It was an intense day. That is everything exciting that happened. Thank you all.
Elder Hamson

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