Monday, July 21, 2014

A Battle with a Beast

This week has been a really great week. We started off on Tuesday morning helping someone try and remove their tree stump. That thing is a beast, but we had a lot of fun getting dirty and swinging various types of axes. Then later that evening the ward had a Barbecue at the park and one of the members brought their neighbors! They aren't members and they had a great time, and we talked with them for a while about missions and missionary work. Then on Thursday we had district meeting and now that I am the district leader Thursdays are a little more stressful, but it all went well and we all learned a thing or two. After that we met Mikey who is a little bit crazy. He lost half of one of his legs, but that certainly doesn't stop him. He was outside fiddling with his bike and we started to talk with him. He doesn't believe in God, so we talked for a little while and he said he would try praying, but he doesn't like reading. The whole time we were talking with him he was going a 100 MPH always doing something, he even talked fast. He then showed us his bike riding skills and it definitely takes skill to ride a bike with one leg. He fell over a couple times, but he was mostly just trying to be funny. . . and he was hilarious. It was an interesting experience to say the least. Then on Friday we met with our investigators Linda and Chuck. We went over the Plan of Salvation and it went well I think. It was the Berks home, they are their member neighbors, so they helped teach as well. Linda and Chuck can be difficult, because they are quiet and haven't really opened up to us yet. Hopefully we can figure out how to help them progress soon. Then on Saturday we taught Johnny, Theo, and Alyssa. We made a Plan of Salvation game to play with them because they are all young. It was great, they loved it and they even learned something. Unfortunately their father is being. . . difficult you could say. He lives in Rancho or something, and it's a whole fiasco, but their mother (Jennifer), who is a recent convert, is losing custody of her children. It is a very sad situation and I will miss them for sure. On a happy note, we taught Griffin later on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he said he would be baptized, he just wants to learn more first. It was a great lesson, he is YSA age, so we are trying to set up a lesson where we can introduce Elder Bate and Elder Watts and officially hand him off to them. He is just hard to catch sometimes. Anyways thank you all for your support, and you will hear from me next week!
Elder Hamson

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