Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Busy Sunday

Hello everyone, everything is going great here in Camarillo. This week was especially busy, mostly on the weekend.We were able to teach Hope on Friday and that was a great lesson. Unfortunatly we weren't able to get a member there with us, but the lesson was great anyway. We taught about families and modern revelation, so basically the Prophet, Book of Mormon, personaly prayer...ect all of it is to bless our families. It was a great lesson, she said she believs in the Book of Mormon, but she doesn't quite understand all that that entails. She has committed to continue reading, and she loves meeting with us, so she is headed in the right direction. Then on Saturday we met a new investigator Chris. He is hispanic and was out making a brick wall in his front yard, so we offered to help and talked to him for a while. He isn't currently very religous, but was interested in why we would ever serve a mission. It was a great conversation about priorities. We prayed with him and have an appointment for this week. Then later that day we went by Jennifer's house to see how she was doing. To our pleasant suprise her kids answered the door, so we were able to teach them all a lesson on thier back patio. It was about how important our testimonies are and how to build one. She has her kids for another week I guess. At the end of the lesson we found out that Jennifer couldn't be at church. so we quickly arranged for a ride for her kids to come anyway. They came on Sunday and it was actually really good for them not to have their mom there, and they all made new friends. Also we went by and saw Terri on Saturday and she was busy, but was excited to come to church. And to back track a little bit another one of our investigators Connie and her 7 year old daughter said they were going to come to church as well. So as you can imagine Sunday was a very stressful day. Connie didn't end up showing up, but we were ready for her. Alyssa, Theo and Johnny (Jennifers kids) were sitting with the Blacks who have kids similar ages. And we helped Terri come in and sit with Sister Northrup (they are now good friends), we saved a spot for Connie next to us sandwiched in between another family we thought they might like. It's a bummer Connie couldn't make it, but we will try for next week. Overall though it was a very successful week with a lot of good things going on.
Thank you all, and Keep reading and praying, it helps!
Elder Hamson

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