Monday, September 30, 2013

Elder and Elder meet Bob and Bob

Here is the Monday report:

This week has been a roller coaster, but that's ok because roller coasters are fun. I have had a lot of good learning experiences along the way as well. I have been talking with a member of the ward (Brother Eyre) about looking into bikes he said he had some people he could talk to about it and that he would get back to me. I was thinking that I would see what my options were and decide if I should get a bike after I talk with president Castro next week. Then brother Eyre shows up with a bike like 3 days later, so I have a bike. The frame is the biggest one they had with the seat and handle bars extended to be taller. It works good and I'll try and get you a picture of it, because it looks pretty whacky. We went on exchanges on Saturday with the zone leaders, so basically one of the zone leaders became my companion for 24 hours. We do all the same missionary stuff except Elder Eastman trains me on everything as we go along. It was interesting because I stayed in my area and Elder Harlow went to the zone leaders area. I got put with Elder Eastman, who has never been to the area before, It was like any other day of missionary work except I didn't have anyone to follow around that knew where they were going. So through trial and error we found our way to different investigators houses, but it was good because it was Saturday and lots of people are out and about so we had plenty of people to talk to and Elder Eastman is really good at talking to people. We saw these two guys sitting in there garage and I just waved and kept riding (we were on bikes that day) Elder Eastman however stopped and and talk to them. Their names were Bob and Bob, so we joked that we were both named Elder too! After we realized that they took us seriously we explained to them that it's just a title that means teacher. I learned a lot from Elder Eastman that day and I hope I can become as great of a missionary as him. Later that night all four of us got together and talked about how our day went and what we learned then we read from Alma 56-58 and related that to how we can become better missionaries. Anyways I'm doing great here in Thousand Oaks and I love hearing from everyone. I love you all

Elder Hamson

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