Monday, September 9, 2013

En Route to California.

Alan flew to his field of labor today.  Frontier Airlines took him and 20!?! other missionaries via Denver to the Santa Barbara airport and the California Ventura Mission.  As is customary, he was allowed to call home while in transit, so Tresa, Jennifer, Heather and I all got  a chance to talk to him.  He was in good spirits and excited to get to the mission field.  He was anxious to learn where in the mission he would be serving.

He enjoyed the MTC but reported that the adjustment from his pace of life at home before and the pace in the MTC was exhausting (I warned him!...)  But he was happy with the experience and spiritual growth and training about teaching the gospel.

It was good to hear his voice and be able to tell him one more time how proud we are and how much we love him.

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