Monday, September 23, 2013

Over Hill...

The Monday email arrived right on schedule.  It sounds like his legs are getting an every-other-day workout!

This last week has been really good I am getting to know the people in the ward better and I have a better feel for the area and I'm not completely lost the whole time. I have had a dinner appointment every night and that has been awesome. They always have good food and it is fun to get to know everyone. This week we taught a couple investigators the restoration and I think that went well. The first one we taught was a girl named Riley she is 18 and she loves to learn about everything which is great. When we first got there she said she had looked up Joseph Smith on the internet and she asked us "did he really have multiple wives?" My first thoughts were like oh great we're done for, but luckily my companion was ready and told her that early on in the church they were persecuted and a lot of women needed help and the men stepped in where they were needed etc. Then he went on with the lesson like it was nothing. I told him afterward that he did an awesome job handling it, and he told me" yup, you just need to rely on the spirit". I guess that was one of my big learning experiences this week, because he was in tune with the spirit and he knew what he needed to say to resolve her concern. The other investigator was a little harder to teach. She is an older woman and she has a hard time remembering things. Our records say that the missionaries have been teaching her off and on for almost a year and we go over there and ask her what she knows about Joseph Smith and she tells us she has heard the name before but she doesn't remember anything about him. So I guess we have to go through nice and slow and keep reminding her of what we taught her each week. Other than that we taught sister cook who is inactive because of her allergies to perfumes. so we practiced our lessons on her. We are in a car share so I'm on a bike every other day. My companion decided that we needed to check up on a bunch of previous investigators that stopped seeing the missionaries for some reason. They were all over the area and it was a bike day, Our area has a lot of hills, so it definitely has its ups and downs. But basically we biked all over everywhere all day and I was really excited to see my bed that night, but we made some appointments with people so that was good. Anyways I enjoyed the art that Heather sent me and the note from Sara as well. I think I am adjusting pretty well to the missionary life and it is a lot of fun too. I love you guys and I'm doing great

Elder Hamson

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