Monday, April 28, 2014

The Good and the Bad

Another week gone by here in Simi valley, and I am still alive (only barely). As far as numbers go this week was the worst week I have had on my mission thus far. I did have some good experiences though. In the beginning of the week I went on an exchange with Elder Anderson, I went over to his area and we had a great time together. We taught a guy named Billy and he had a lot of questions about why do I even need to go to church? and things like that. Sometimes people like him can be difficult, but by the end he said it makes sense and he believes what we are saying. We set up a return appointment with him next week, and now Elder Anderson has a new investigator. We had a stellar day together and talked to a lot of people and taught 5 lessons. It was just a really good day. Then I had to go back to my area the next day. It was a bad day. Then on Saturday we got to help with Mormon helping hands. We went to a cemetery and we were supposed to level some headstones, but the groundskeeper didn't show up. So we cleaned out a garage and put together some metal shelves. While we were putting together the shelves the press came and I got stuck with the job of getting interviewed by them. I answered all the questions and it was fine. they took a few pictures of us while we worked and one of the other missionaries was positioning himself so he was in all the pictures. It was funny to watch, then we all joked around at what the headline in the newspaper would be. "Standing Tall in Simi Valley" or maybe "Mormon Missionary looks down on community". I am yet to see what it actually says. As far as missionary work goes we have done a lot of tracting, and that is always entertaining. We have one investigator and we meet with her this week (yay!). Also we have presidents interviews this week so that is exciting. I am sure glad I like my companion though, because this place is difficult. The good news is that things moving along and if nothing else I am learning a lot about myself. I love you all and Thank you for your letter Timothy. 

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