Monday, April 14, 2014

Cars and Trucks

Hello Everyone,
This week has been interesting to say the least. It started off ok we went to transfer meeting, met my new companion and he is fantastic. I was excited to go to my new area, this is the first time white washing for both of us. Then we got there. . . we have all of our stuff and we walk into the apartment and it was trashed. It looked like they were expecting to come back, and it was the most disgusting bathroom I have seen in a missionary apartment. So for the first couple of days we spent most of the time cleaning out the apartment, so we could live there. I was finally able to unpack everything and feel a little bit at home 4 days in. Its all fine now, but the apartment wasn't the only thing the Elders before us neglected. We were at a ward activity, a car show, and one of the members came up to us and said " I have a bone to pick with you." He then proceeded to chew us out for missing a dinner appointment that his wife worked hard to prepare. we apologized as he stormed off, and thankfully the other Elders in the ward talked to him and told him it's not our fault we just got here. The other Elders in the ward are great Elder Willis and Elder Young. They were so excited to see that we were coming to the ward. The good news is that we couldn't possibly mess this up, this area hit rock bottom there is only going up from here. I guess that means that the Lord trusts us to get this area back on its feet. It will be a even more difficult than I expected, but it's nothing I can't handle.
We did have some good experiences this week though. We went by this less active's house , the Mulfords, and they were excited to see us and let us in. The mother is great has been a member her whole life she just doesn't come to church because of her husband who isn't a member. They are tall too, their son Sean is 6'7" and there daughter is playing volleyball in Michigan. We connected really well and invited them to the ward activity the next day. The next day we helped out at the car show setting up chairs and helping serve the tri-tip sandwiches. I had a good time and I have learned a lot about cars too. These people in California are all about their cars. Then at the end of the car show the Mulfords showed up which was fantastic. I was also able bear my testimony in testimony meeting which went well, I told one of my usual jokes and I think the ward is beginning to trust us a little more. I am excited for the future this area has some serious potential, and I am super excited about the challenge. Also this Saturday Elder Russel M. Nelson is coming to the mission to speak to the whole mission. So I get to meet an apostle this week!
I love you all and I am doing good here in simi valley. In reference to Elder Bednar's talk, I have a big load in my truck with some serious spiritual traction going on.

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