Monday, April 21, 2014

Everybody needs a picture with Alan

This week has been packed with all sorts of exciting things. It went a lot better than the first week I can tell you that. Now that we know the area a little bit and we have mended some of the wounds left behind, we have started to really get to work and build this area. 
Since my companion is the district leader I will be going on a lot of exchanges this transfer which I am super excited about. Exchanges are the best, and I went on one with Elder Willis this last Wednesday. The morning started off really slow we didn't talk to anyone, because there was no one to talk to. So later on in the day we started on a Less Active hunt. We have a big list of names that the bishopric knows nothing about, so we hunt them down and find them. One of the houses we went to the person we were looking for had moved, but the lady who lives there now, Jessica talked to us for a while and after going over the restoration we gave her a Book of Mormon and she committed to read and pray. She seems to have a lot of potential, but we will find out tomorrow if she is serious about it or not. So she was one of our new investigators this week then on Friday me and Elder Moser were tracting and one of the ladies said she has some good friends that are Mormons. Her name is Tina and after talking for a little bit we set up an appointment to come back the next day and meet with her and her husband. Friday rolls around and we get in there and meet them and their family they have a really nice family, but the kids are really shy and we would just see them poking their heads in every once in a while. The lesson was ok, they aren't really willing to change anything in there life and they asked us like a million questions, and they all started with " so we heard you believe this. . .is that true?" Let's just say it was a really long lesson and me and Elder Moser were both excited to get out of there. We did help them realize that they had a lot of misconceptions about what we believe. I don't know what I was thinking, but I set up another appointment with them in 2 weeks. So they are new investigators as well. Then on Saturday I got to shake Elder Russel M. Nelson's hand! Him, Elder Bowen and Elder Garns were all there with their wives. We got to meet them all briefly at the beginning and Sister Garns said and I quote "I would love to have a picture with you!" So even the General Authorities want a picture with this Elder.(two thumbs pointing at myself) The meeting was fantastic and I took a lot of notes and I am definitely inspired to work harder and be better. It was pretty cool, when Elder Nelson got up he just answered questions we wanted to ask the whole time. 
So I am doing really good here in Simi valley, Elder Moser is great, he is a picky eater though which makes dinner appointments more fun. He doesn't say anything about it, so no one really knows that he is picky, but I know so I help him out. One of the dinners was really bad and I could tell he was really struggling to eat it. So I ate all my food then when the members weren't looking I traded plates with him and ate his food too. In the end everyone was happy. I find myself feeling at home as a missionary and more and more confident in myself. Sometimes it stinks, but most of the time I'm working hard and having fun! 
thank you all for your love and support. 

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