Monday, April 7, 2014

Moving Day

My time here in Thousand Oaks has come to an end. It is a bitter sweet, but I am excited for my next adventure. It's like 5 minutes away in Simi valley 4th ward, my new companion will be Elder Moser and from what I hear he is a big goof ball, so I guess we have something in common. There are four missionaries in the ward, and me and Elder Moser are white washing in. Which means that we are both new to the area and we hope and pray the Elders before us wrote everything down. So a lot of things are changing and that is exciting. As far as Elder Shields goes he is training and will be in a tri-pan. Basically this new Elder will have two Elders training him at the same time, at least for a little while. 
As far as the missionary work goes, we talked with Jacque for a while and she said her mom was asking to come to church with her some time. It was fantastic! So now our next appointment will be with her and her mom. Jacque was worried about her mom not being involved, but if she gets baptized too that will solve all our problems. Unfortunately I won't be there to see what happens, but I trust Elder Shields. 
Then to finish the week off we had general conference which is pretty much the best thing ever. Its hard to decide on what I liked the most, but Elder Bednar's talk was just superb. The question I am asking myself now is how can I get more spiritual traction? Then the talk right after that from President Monson was great as well. we need to be considerate and sensative which applies especially to those we are closest to. Here is another question: Who told the story about jumping out of a smoking semi? and why did he tell that story?
Love you all, thank you for your prayers,

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