Sunday, August 9, 2015


Greetings everyone, things are great as always out here in California. We were able to teach Rob this week and that has been awesome. He is a very unique investigator I can tell you that much, he has a really rough background and finally after years of suffering as he describes it he wants to change. He feels the spirit and he keeps telling us that he he knows for sure that this is the right thing and he is eager to learn and be involved to say the least. The lessons are fun, because he can be all over the place, he likes to talk, his language is colorful and he has some crazy stories. I decided we need to have short powerful lessons where we get his attention for 20 minutes and really help him understand it. We are planning on meeting with him 3 times a week or so. Also he brought his friend Gilbert along and we are teaching him as well, so we like Rob. We were also able to meet with other of the less- actives in the ward and in general people were home this week so that was great. This next week we are focusing on finding new investigators in the zone and we are going to try and find 49 new investigators this week as a zone. They are going to report to us everytime they find a new investigator and we are going to update everyone on our progress towards our goal everyday this week. It will take some extra work on our part, but we are only doing it for a week and we are calling it the WEEK 4 ROCKET BOOSTER!!! We have hyped it up a lot and everyone is excited about it, so I am confident that we can reach our goal.
Thank you
Elder Hamson

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