Monday, February 23, 2015

"Oh, its On!"

Good afternoon everyone, this week was an awesome week for sure. It started off about the same as usual, with us teaching all of the recent converts in the ward. On Thursday we were walking by a basketball court, and there were some people gearing up to play and they saw us and talked with us for a while. They asked all of the usual questions then the challenged us to come play. Since it is no longer against the rules (as of like 1 month ago) I said "oh, it's on" I had fun playing with them for a while in my church clothes, Elder Toa just watched. I could only play for a little bit, because we had an appointment to get to, but we got there number so we can play some more basketball and share the gospel sometime. Then on Saturday I went up to Paso and exchanged with Elder Trujillo. I met some really interesting people including a member named Eli Johnson. He knows mom I guess, and he gave me some pointers about my shooting form, then we took his son out working with us. It was a good exchange, and while I was gone they taught our investigator Beth and gave her a church tour. It went really well, but she couldn't make it to church. She is a solid investigator though and we are meeting with her next this week. Then at church Madison just showed up. She is from Santa Ana, and her boyfriend is a member down there. She came in by herself, and our ward did a great job of making her feel right at home. We have an appointment this week, and she is going to be a great investigator for sure. And the third person we are meeting to night, her name is Joshlyn. She has a bunch of friends in the ward and one of the return missionaries set up a dinner for us to meet her and start teaching! So these people seem to just be falling into our lap and I am just super excited about it. Great things are going on in SLO and I don't think that is going to change anytime soon. Transfers are in two weeks, but I could stay here for the rest of my mission. Thank you all, and I may or may not see you in 6.
Elder Hamson

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