Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another Great Week

This week was another great week up here in SLO. On Tuesday we drove down to Ventura for MLC, and that was great. It's a big long meeting, but always a spiritual experience and a lot of my friends in the mission are at MLC. Elder Toa and I are having a lot of fun together and we have some really great appointments this week. On Thursday we had an appointment with Tu'uta who hasn't been to church in a while, but he is Polynesian so he get along well with my companion. We went to his house and his roomate and friend were there with him. We all sat down and had a great lesson about the restoration and what sets us a part. We gave his friend a Book of Mormon and invited her to read from it and we also invited Tu'uta to start reading his again. Overall it was a great lesson, and I think some good things will start happening with them. Also on Friday we went on exchanges with the assistants, and this time was a little different because Elder Atkin just joined us so we were in a tri-pan(three of us). Anyways it was really cool to work with Elder Atkin again since it has been a year since we were companions(for 3 transfers). We had a great day and one lesson was with Beth. We met Beth on the street and she has a bunch of mormon friends on missions so she agreed to meet with us. We met at the institute and had to other sisters from the ward there. We started off how we usually do talking about how God love us and is our Father in Heaven and then we continued with prophets in the bible, and talked about Jesus Christ and His life. She stopped us and was like "I know all of this stuff, tell about the new stuff, you know John Smith and the book of the mormons". Needless to say she wanted to get to the good part, so we taught her all about it and gave her a copy to read and pray about for herself. Also the members that were there made friends with Beth, so I can see good things in the future with her. Then on Saturday we had another exchange and it rained all day which turned out to be a lot of fun. It wasn't raining too hard so we just did our thing. We walked by a girl who was sitting on her porch and we just stood there in the rain and taught her. That was fun to teach in the rain, and overall just a solid week. I have got plenty more of those to come. I love you all and keep sharing the good news of the restored gospel.

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