Monday, October 27, 2014

A Solid Week.

Greetings from Elder Hamson, 
This week has been a solid week full of miracles. First off on Tuesday I went on an exchange with Elder McKinley who came out the same time I did. It was great to work with him and learn from him. It was cool to talk about how our missions have gone and how we can make the most of what time we have left. We worked in the YSA ward, so their area is huge. They also don't get very many dinners, so naturally the one time I come into their ward they have a dinner. It was with one of their recent converts and we had a lesson afterward that went well. Overall I learned a lot. Then on Wednesday we took Robbie out with us to teach Leila. Robbie is going to the mexico city chalco mission in a week so he likes to work with us. Leila is doing great, she is interested and likes what we teach and she is reading from the Book of Mormon regularly and she prays to know if it's true. She hasn't gotten an answer yet, but we spent a good portion of the lesson talking about how the spirit works and it's role. Elder Hull as a part of the training program was supposed to lead out in all of the lessons and planning situations this last week. He did a great job and it was a challenge for both of us. Then on Thursday we met with Karen who is now a new investigator. a few weeks ago she was talking with her Mormon friends and they told her to check out and she did and it was in the middle of general conference so she ended up watching a good portion of it. Fast forward two weeks we had an appointment with her and she has pretty much decided this is the church for her. We brought to members to our lesson and they connected really well. So now she has a couple of friends in the ward, but it was more chit chat than I would have liked. It was a good lesson, and she came to last two hours of church on Sunday. It was just a really cool miracle and she just found her way over here by herself. This week we are having the lesson at her neighbors house and they are a more timid family, so that will be nice. On Saturday we had the Fall Festival in our ward and Dylan who we have been working with came with his fiance Lisa. It was great to see them there, we had invited them but I didn't actually expect them both to come. ( I know I need to have more faith) They got to know the ward better and I think that will open opportunities in the future to teach Lisa even though she isn't interested now. We got to see Marcia this week as well at the Fall Festival and she is doing great, we have an actual lesson with her next week and that should be great. Jennifer and Alyssa are caught up in the storms of life and have asked us to take a step back for a week or so until things settle down. It is an insanely tough situation, and we wish we could help more. I am confident that they will both come out stronger. Overall though it has been a great week and transfers are coming up so we will see what happens, but I guess you will just have to wait until next Monday. Thank you all, and have a happy Halloween!

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