Monday, November 3, 2014

Zone Leader

Well I am getting trasfered to San luis Obisbo. I'll be serving in the YSA ward and I guess that means I am a zone leader. I have never been up to the north end of the mission before, so everything will be very new, but that's what makes it exciting. Elder Hull and I had a good last week together and it is always a bitter sweet at transfers. I don't know the address to my new apartment yet, so if you send any mail send it to the mission office.
 I found out about uncle Karl and I find myself not knowing what to think sometimes, but I just want everyone to know that the things that I am teaching out here are very real. Life sucks, it's not fair, it's full of sadness, pain and grief. This is part of God's plan for all of us. He knows us and has given us the opportunity to have peace and comfort through the gospel. There is hope when we submit our will to his and accept his timing. I can't describe my feelings very well other than I have a deep sadness and my prayers go out to all of Karl's family. My testimony of the Plan of Salvation, Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the enabling power of His Atonement is helping me through. We can all make it through this together. I wish I could be there, but I am in the right place. Thank you all.
Elder Hamson

Editor's Note:
(David Hamson) My brother Karl passed away last Friday night.  Although he had been ill for a long time, his death was not expected.  I talked to President Felix, Alan's mission president on Saturday so that he could inform Alan of Karl's passing.  We had a good talk and President Felix told me of Alan's call to be a Zone  Leader and told me that Alan is doing a great job as a missionary and as an example to other missionaries.

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