Monday, October 20, 2014

Everything is Great

Hello everyone this week was a great week. There are a couple different people who were investigators in other wards who moved here and we are still working to get an appointment and see where they are. Then there was a lady, Karen, who referred herself on who we talked to a couple of weeks ago, she said she would be back in town this week. I think those will all be great opportunities once their life settles down a little bit. We are still working with our recent converts Alyssa, her mother Jennifer and Marcia. They have all been busy on the weekends and haven't attended our ward, which worries me, but they tell us they go to church where ever they are. Then we just found out that Dylan who is a returning Less-Active (21) is planning on getting married to hi s girlfriend in a couple of weeks. She isn't a member, but we have been teaching him every week and helping him get back on track and they decided to get married. Fantastic. Lisa his future wife has been listening in on our lessons and asks a question every once in a while. She is getting more and more comfortable with us and Dylan told us they are starting to read the scriptures together. So there are a lot of great things going on here, and were are working hard to find new investigators as well. I went on an exchange with Elder Slaugh on Saturday. It's really cool to get to know all of the missionaries better and their investigator who I have been hearing about over the phone in reports for the last 3 months. It was nice to officially meet a couple of them. One of them Jonathan will be baptized this Saturday. Which is great for Elder Slaugh and Elder Bartholomew. Everything is going great here in Camarillo, thank you for the support and prayers. Transfers are in 2 weeks so any letters to the apartment need to be sent this week. :) Or just any letters need to get sent.
Elder Hamson

Trying out each others bikes:

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