Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day

Today is a little more interesting than most because it is Labor day and we can't go to the local library. We are in the family history center though, and it has been interesting coordinating everything so all the missionaries can come and email. Earlier in the week on Tuesday night we got to teach Marcia in the eveining and that went well. We taught about obedience, prayer and scripture study.She is still on track for her baptism on Sept. 13. It was a good lesson, and Elder Hull and I are teaching better together. He is coming along and has improved a lot. Now that I have gotten to know him better I feel like I can help him a lot more. I have really enjoye that part about training, that fact that it has been difficult for both of us, and we both are growing a lot. We are also moving this week the owners of the house we live in moved so we are getting a new appartment. This one is right in the middle of our area and isn't at the top of a big hill. I am going to miss riding up that hill everyday, so I guess I'll just have to pray for a different mountain to climb. On Wednesday we found a new investigator and that was great! We were going through a nieghborhood and talking to people along the way, and we decided to knock on one last door before moving to the next place. And by we I mean I convinced my companion to knock on the door. A young man answered who is in highschool, and we talked with him for a little bit. While we were talking his mom yelled from the backround "Is that the missionaries?" She sounded excited to see us. Now from past experience this usually means that they are excited to tell us that all of our beliefs are wrong and we should go home. She, however, was curious about what we do because she always sees missionaries around. Her name is Laila and we taught her the Restoration and she had a bunch of great questions like: "can I come to one of your church meetings?" That is the point where I just about fell out of my chair in suprise. We told her all about it and she plans on coming out to next week, beause she is out of town for labor day weekend. Anyways she is a very open person, who has some great potential. We will see her again on Wednesday. We also had a zone conference on Friday. We went to the building we thought it was at, and it turns out that our zone leader (Elder Watts) lead us to the wrong building. So our whole zone was late to zone conference, which consists of 3 zones. We gave Elder Watts a hard time about that, but only because he is one of my good friends in the mission. Anyways zone conference was great, I learned a bunch of great things and it is always good to see other missionaries. I also get to go up to Santa Barbara this week on Friday, they invited me to come to a mission leadership meeting. There are a lot of great things coming up so I am really excited. I love you all, thank you all for the support and be sure to keep your priorities straight.

Elder Hamson

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