Monday, August 25, 2014


Hello again. I'm still alive here in Camarillo so that's good. Elder Hull and I are getting along just fine and he is going to be a great missionary.  Marcia is still progressing towards her baptismal date and is living the word of wisdom which was the only thing that has been a little bit hard for her. I keep thinking September is so far away, but it is sneaking up on me real quick. We are working out the baptismal program with her, and she asked me to perform the baptism. I was surprised, but also excited at the opportunity. We met Marcia at the park and our lesson was on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We also gave her a preach my gospel, because she loves books and is hungry for more to study. And trust me on this one you can study that thing all day everyday and still learn something everytime, as long as you humble yourself. A lot of things are like that in the gospel, if you ever feel like you have learned it all, I hate to break it to you but you haven't. Anyways it was a great lesson, and Elder Hull and I are working better together. The next day we had lunch with Jennifer the recent convert, and we just found out the other day that now that she has full custody of her daughter Alyssa, Alyssa can now get baptised. Which is super exciting, because apparently she wasn't very happy when she found out she couldn't get baptized unless she got permission from her dad. They were practicing face painting while we were there, Jennifer does makeup for her job and was teaching Alyssa. We taught the Restoration, and I also managed to get out of getting my face painted. Then later that day we went to the ward BBQ at the park. It was good and there were a couple less actives that we talked to for a while. It was a pretty good party. We taught a bunch of other lessons through out the week to different people, and it was a busy week. I have really enjoyed living in the same apartment as Elder McKinley he is great. Anyways I hope everything is going well for all of you and I wish you luck for all of you who are going to school. Thank you for being awesome.
Elder Hamson

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