Monday, August 18, 2014

The Long and the Short of It.

Hello everyone this week has been a great week. On Tuesday I got to meet my new companion Elder Hull. He is from Tennessee and is about 5'4". I am pretty sure he is the shortest I've had so far. He is fresh out of the MTC and I keep having flash back from when I first came out. He is very different from me and has an accent. He also says yall a lot, which if I'm not careful might rub off on me. It has been interesting being a trainer, but a lot of fun at the same time. He has a lot to learn, but that is to be expected. He is willing to jump in and try though, so I am grateful for that. We had a good first week though. Later in the afternoon on Tuesday we had a lesson with Marcia, who has a baptismal date for September 13. Elder Hull fell asleep in the middle of the lesson, I guess he woke really Early on Monday to fly here and after his flight got cancelled he managed to arrive in the mission 12:00pm and go to bed at 2:00am Tuesday morning. Needless to say I was flying solo in that lesson and had to kick him a couple times to keep him awake. We saw a lot of other miracles this week one of which was unexpected. We were talking with a recent convert, Jennifer and she recently got full custody of her daughter which is great, so if we get permission she will get baptized. Her father is the only thing stopping her, but she really wants to be baptized. The unexpected part came when we taught her friend who was staying the night. He has gotten himself into trouble a few times I guess, but needless to say when we were there he came and talked with us for a little bit. We talked to him about a lot of things including overcoming challenges/addictions. It's like there is a void that needs to be filled and when you try to fill it with things from the world it doesn't help. Only through the Atonement of Jesus Christ can we be completely healed. It was a really good conversation and he took a copy of the Book of Mormon and said he would read it. We told him to contact the missionaries wherever he ends up and they can help. She is kicking him out, so we won't teach him I just hope he takes the opportunity to turn his life around. Then on Sunday evening Elder Hull redeemed himself and we taught Marcia again. It was a great lesson on the Word of Wisdom and although she didn't completely understand why coffee and tea is in there she has committed to live the Word of Wisdom which is great, she is right on track for baptism and eventually the Temple. I am having a great time here I couldn't have asked for a better place to serve. Thank you all and I for all of you who start/have started school soon I wish you good luck. Also (sorry I'm late) Happy Birthday Heather!
Elder Hamson

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