Monday, September 29, 2014

Hair Down Below His Knees

Another day in paradise here in Camarillo. Alyssa got baptized on Saturday and it was a great baptism. She and her mom showed up nice and early, so we could relax when we picked out a suit for her and set up all of the chairs. Everything was going perfectly, the young women were all there early to practice their song, the font was full, Alyssa brought a towel it was great. A lot more people came than we initially thought which was great, and 3:00 rolled around and we realized that bishop Smith from where Alyssa used to live wasn't there. He was the one performing the baptism, so all of our relaxed feelings went right out the window. We waited patiently and after a few phone calls and guidance Bishop Smith found his way to the baptism. It was a great baptism and the young women did a really good job at the end when they sang I am a child of God. It was great for Alyssa to see all of the support from her peers. The confirmation on Sunday was great, and since it was fast Sunday it was a testimony meeting. Now I have been in a lot of Testimony meetings and that was probably one of the best. A lot of the testimonies were about missionary work and Jennifer (Alyssa's mom) basically told all of the members that they need to be doing missionary work, because there are other families like hers waiting to be blessed by the restored gospel. It was a very powerful and spiritually exhausting two days.
As far as the rest of the work we found a new investigator this week and his name is J.B. He is black and has Dreadlocks (can't spell) down to his ankles. A word that describes him as a whole is "chill". He speaks nice and slow and he loves music. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and how Jesus Christ has restored his church again today. He was interested at the idea, but was leaving for out of town for a couple weeks. We will see him again on Oct 15 and hopefully he will have read for himself and prayed. I love being in the same apartment as Elder McKinley and Elder Watts being in a 4 man is always a blast. And I get to play some sports with my district today since we are all Elders now. So everything is going great here. Thank you all for your support

Elder Hamson

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