Monday, May 26, 2014

Bonus Points

Well this week has been an exciting week. It started off well, we help a lady in our ward clean out her garage and reorganize it a little bit. Her husband, who passed away recently, had an old ford mustang in the garage and it's actually kinda cool. I have learned more about cars here in southern California than I learned my whole life previously. People here like to talk about their cars. Then later on that day we met John Butler who was walking to the park to shoot some hoops when we ran into him. So we went over with him and shot around. (Bonus points for shooting hoops and teaching at the same time!) He is 50 or so and is a movie writer. He told us he is writing a movie, it's going to be called Revealed, that is kind of like Joseph Smith and his story. This couple finds some scrolls out in the woods and it is an ancient record of a people who were in the middle east, but sailed to the America's and started their religion there. We asked him if he has read the Book of Mormon before. He said "no why?". So we told him that it's pretty much the same thing. He then apologized and said "oh, I'll have to read the Book of Mormon to make sure I'm not plagiarizing anything." We then told him we don't really care about that, but more importantly he needs to read it and pray to find out if it's true, and if Joseph Smith was really a prophet. We gave him a copy and he doesn't live in our area, so we probably won't ever see him again. It was definitely one of the more interesting experiences on my mission. Then on Friday we had to we met Jazmine who has two kids and is church shopping. She was busy, but told us we could come back. I am really excited to teach her this week. Other than that is was a pretty normal week. I love you all and hope you have a happy memorial day.
Elder Hamson

D&C 4 "For behold the field is white already to harvest"

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