Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Alan.

well I am now 20 years old. I feel older wiser and I think I can even jump a little higher. This last week has been definitely one to remember. On Monday after emails we went for a hike to white face. It was a great hike, much more challenging than the last one. And the view was fantastic, that is always a bonus. Then on Wednesday I had a pretty good birthday. In the morning we taught Francisco who can mostly speak English and only sort of understands us. We tried to tell him that missionaries who speak spanish are going to come over next time, but I am not sure he understood. Then the zone leaders called us and wanted us to come to their apartment. They had a package for me! Also they had an assignment for us to prepare an EDPEP (Explain Demonstrate Practice Evaluate Practice again) for zone meeting the next day. Basically what we do as missionaries to practice doing missionary work or a role play. Then we went and checked the mail only to find another package was waiting for me at the leasing office. After lunch at Panda Express, which got paid for by a member, we went and worked in the other Elders area or in missionary terms we blitzed their area. I worked with Elder Anderson for an hour and we followed up with each other about our exchange and we talked to a few random people. Then we prepare for the zone meeting the next day. Overall it was a pretty good birthday. On Thursday we had zone meeting, and our EDPEP went well. Also in the afternoon we taught Alonso and Cherice. They were in the area book and they are now officially investigators now that I have met them. They are really nice born again Christians, which is unusual. We had a great lesson about the Restoration and they gave us some pizza. They are really good people who like our company more than anything. They don't get very excited when I start committing them to do stuff like read and pray. Faith without works is dead. I didn't say that but some days I want to. Then on Friday we went to the TEMPLE!! We went with the other Elders in the ward who also had a birthday. The Herrs took us and we got there early so we went through the visitors center and that was cool. Then we went inside and it's always great to get away from the world and feel the spirit of the temple. It was a great day. Then Saturday morning some guy knocked on our door and asked us if we could help him move some large furniture. We said of course and helped him a couple couches and a bed for our new neighbor Loraine. She is old and her bed is quite heavy, but we have been given a new assignment to keep an eye on her from her son. Then we went and helped with the baptism of Josh, who Elder Willis and Elder Young are teaching. It was a great service although it took the grandpa 5 tries to get it right. Then Sunday was mothers day and I was going through my day only to realize halfway through the day that I get to call my mom today. It was great to talk to all of you and I am glad everything is going well. I am still having a great time here and next week I find out if I am staying or going. I love you all!
Elder Hamson

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