Monday, March 10, 2014

In the Middle

I can't believe I'm back here doing emails again. It seems like it was just yesterday where I was frustrated with technology for not working the way I want it to work. But it looks like we should be good today (knock on wood). This last week was a great one. I am still getting used to my companion, and he is a little more difficult to get along with. We have an interesting dynamic in our apartment where the new zone leader is very strict and "straight laced" you could say while my companion is quite the opposite. It is mostly just funny, but me being in the middle I don't really want to have to choose a side. So mostly I guess I am trying to figure out where I stand. Overall everything is fine and we all get along there is just a constant tension that can be felt. 
As far as the work goes we have had some great lessons, In the beginning of the week we had dinner with a Less Active family in the ward that no one knew anything about, until we knocked on their door a couple weeks ago. the mother and her 16 yr old daughter were baptized and the father in law isn't a member. We had a great dinner and we taught the restoration after, and committed them all to read a chapter from the Book of Mormon. They are a great family and very open and welcoming to us, they haven't been to church in a long time, and we aren't really sure why yet, but the Josh (the husband) has a lot of questions/concerns and seems to always have a glass of wine. We will meet with them again this week. The next day Elder Shields met Jaquie for the first time. We talked with her and her best friend who is a member for a little bit and are still trying to set up a time to start teaching her. She is probably the closest person to baptism, we just haven't met with her yet. Another great lesson was with Chris who we are teaching him everything again now that he is a member. It was a plan of salvation lesson,so we decided to draw all the pieces of the plan of salvation, so he would have a visual. My contribution to the art project was the resurrection, in which I wrote the word resurrection and cut it into a square. Then on Saturday I went on an exchange with Elder Sandholtz who is my district leader. We had a great exchange where we ended up teaching Willyam the Word of Wisdom. It was received better than expected and he understands it all. He didn't commit to live it however, which was kind of a bummer and at the same time expected. He did say he would pray about it and he is still reading the Book of Mormon. He is still taking steps in the right direction. Sometimes I just wish he would take bigger steps, but I can't have everything. The rest of the exchange wasn't nearly as exciting, but we talked a lot about my situation and that helped me a lot so I was glad. I love you all and I am doing great.

Elder Hamson  

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