Monday, October 14, 2013

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

This week has been a pretty good week. I did a lot of learning this week. On Tuesday I went on exchanges with the District Leader Elder Watts. He is a really cool Elder and he has an announcer's voice. He pretty much sounds exactly like the guy who does music and the spoken word at conference. But he came into my area and I only mostly know my way around. So throughout the day we only got mostly lost a couple times. We didn't get to teach that day our one appointment fell through, but we did get to talk to a few different people. Towards the end of the day we stopped and said hi to these two ladies standing by their car. Turns out that they don't speak English, so my companion (Elder Watts at the time) starts talking to them in Spanish, very slowly mind you, but there was definitely some communication going on. He gave them a card, so I said the one thing I know how to say in Spanish. "yo mido siete con tres pulgatas" the hermanas (sisters) taught me how to say that and I had been waiting for and opportunity to say it ever since they taught me. It just means that I'm 7 foot 3, so ya I am pretty much fluent in that language. Anyways they laughed and then Elder Watts asked if we could have the Spanish missionaries come over and share our message. They said sure and wrote down their address, so that was good. Later on that same street we ran into another Hispanic who didn't speak English and Elder Watts talked a little with him then gave him a card. The seemed happy to see us but had to go, so I told Elder Watts "He seemed interested." Then he told me that he was already a member, but we gave him a card anyway. We also had interviews with the president last week and training all that day. That was really good and I learned a lot. Other than that everything is going great and there hasn't been anything too exciting. Actually there was a spider hanging from the ceiling in the bathroom when I woke up this morning. Needless to say the spider is quite dead and I was quite awake this morning. I love you guys and I am having a great time here.

Elder Hamson

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