Monday, October 21, 2013


Well this last week has been a pretty good week. I went on two blitzes this week and they both went really well. A blitz is where we trade companions for an hour or so. The first one was with Elder Hofhiens, he is the other zone leader and he is an awesome missionary. He met us in our area and we only had 30 mins before he had to get back to an appointment. He asked me if I had a goal for the 30 minutes we would be together, I told him that I hadn't taught very much, so he said ok lets teach someone on this street. so we set off down the street and he was talking with me about some of my concerns and we knocked on a couple doors here and there. Then someone actually answered the door she told us that she was a catholic and she didn't need anything else, but we were able to get a conversation going about her beliefs and that gave us the opportunity to teach her the restoration on the doorstep. We said a prayer with her and gave her our number on the back of a restoration pamphlet. She probably isn't going to join our church or anything, but she was willing to listen to us and we were able to teach a lesson in 30 minutes I was with Elder Hofhiens when me and Elder Harlow hadn't taught anyone new for weeks. It really testified to me that the Lord has prepared people for me to teach and bring back to the fold. I just have to keep working hard to go find them. Then on the other blitz with Elder Robinson the next day, we were tracting on this street and a young man named Alex (probably 17 or so) answered the door and he said he had heard about the mormons, but he didn't know very much. We taught him the restoration and he was curious to learn more, but he had to go. So we gave him a book of mormon and set up an appointment with him the next day. So on that blitz we got to teach a lesson and we got a new investigator. I think I like blitzes. Unfortunately the next day when we went back to see Alex his parents were out front and they told us that they weren't interested and that we couldn't teach their son anymore of our "crap". Hopefully he will get taught in the future sometime. Anyway I'm doing really good and I am having a great time. Transfers are tommorow and I am getting a new companion Elder Atkins, I am staying here in Thousand Oaks, so thats exciting. Elder Harlow is going to Oxnard and will be training two elders at once for his last transfer. I love you guys and keep dunking it Jen!

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