Monday, June 22, 2015

Sprint to the Finish (out of order from June 8th.)

Hello everyone, life is great here in Simi Valley YSA ward. I really like Elder Wickern and we are going to do some work together. We had another couple lessons with Jessy this week and she is doing awesome. She just believes everything and asks some really great questions. The best part is that her parents are totally cool with her joining the church which seems to be the biggest problem in YSA wards. On the other had Daniel has been getting cold feet about his baptism at the end of the month. He is worried that his mom is going to freak out when he tells her he wants to be baptized. We told him it's going to be worse if she finds out after the fact, and we are trying to have a lesson where she is there or just have him bear testimony that it is true to her. It is going to be a bigger speed bump that we thought. We will pray hard, and bring some of the other members of the ward who had a similar situation, and hopefully it all works out. Going back to Jessy she came to church and brought her friend and her sister with her! They stayed for all three hours and had a great time, so we are going to try to start teaching her friend, and even introduce the Elders in the family ward to Jessy's whole family. Also we picked "Tiny" (he's 6'5" and probably 300lbs) back up he was a former investigator, and he is done living the party life. He wants to actually find out if it's true this time, so things are going well with him. He didn't come to church, but that's only a minor setback. And we are busy talking to a bunch of less actives trying to have them introduce us to their non-member friends. Oh and we also talked to an Atheist named Dan, and that was interesting. He is like a philosopher or something because he used a lot of big words and made everything in the world seem so complicated. We are used to teaching the simple doctrines of the gospel, and he is asking question about the nature of God and how can we know for sure that he is there. He was really nice, and we had fun talking but it was a little above my reading level. Turns out you can't really prove that God is there with philosophical concepts you just have to keep it simple and have child like faith. So ya life is great, and I am determined to sprint to the finish!
Elder Hamson

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