Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's All About That Bass

Great news, Elder Toa and I are staying for another transfer! I really like working with him and we both have some musical talent so that makes it fun. Our ward chorister found out that I can play a few songs on the organ, and the person who normally plays the piano was out of town this weekend. So I had fun playing the Organ in sacrament meeting, I can only play like 7 hymns, but that's about all you need:) Oh, and when she asked us what I was going to do for the intermediate hymn Elder Toa volunteered us to sing a special musical number. I was a little grumpy at first, but it actually sounded pretty good. Needless to say Sunday was a little nerve racking, but it all turned out. Looking back it was fun
We had a good week with missionary work as well, we were able to contact a couple of people on the ward list who were willing to meet with us and come to church they just needed an invitation. All of our recent converts are doing great and we are still meeting consistently with them. Madison is doing awesome. She still doesn't feel like she has an answer on whether or not it's all true yet, but that hasn't stopped her from being involved and keeping commitments. This last week there was only one day where she didn't have contact with anyone from the church. She came to FHE on monday, we had a lesson on Wednesday, she read from the Book of Mormon with a member on Thursday, we had another lesson on Friday, Saturday we had dinner with her and two other members and we read a chapter together and she was at church on Sunday. Our other two investigators couldn't meet with us this week. Unfortunately we aren't as high on their priority list, but they still have a lot of future potential.
Lately I have been thinking a lot about teaching who we are and not what we know. It has been good to make sure I am applying all of the things that I am teaching about in my own life. It doesn't always translate directly over, but basically I am always inviting people to learn and improve so I am really striving to do the same. I hope we can all more fully live what we know to be true.
Elder Hamson

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