Monday, March 16, 2015

A Crazy Week

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been interesting for sure. It started off crazy with transfers, and after a lot of driving and swapping bikes and luggage we managed to get everyone and their luggage back to their areas. Although one companionship left their phone in Ventura, and they were white washing into an area they had never been to. We gave them detailed directions and prayed really hard that they didn't get lost. Their district leader would check on them every once in a while, and they managed without a phone until we got it to them a couple days ago. We were able to teach Madison twice this week and she is still great. Her biggest concern is if God is really there, I guess she hasn't really gotten an answer about anything. This was the focus of our lessons and she definitely wants to know and is willing to try which is great. The bad news is she got really sick and went home to Santa Ana and we won't see her for another couple weeks. We do plan on meeting with Beth though this week, so we will see how she is doing. We have a bunch of meetings this week and we have been doing a lot to prepare for those. We have MLC on Tuesday, Stake report and public affairs meeting on Wednesday, then zone meeting on Thursday Then after that we take a break until next month. They don't usually fall on the the same week, but transfers messed with everything. But the saddest part about this last week is we found out that Brother Lo is moving to Sacramento. He is our Ward mission leader and he has been phenomenal. I have gotten really close with him over the last few months, and I could totally see us hanging out after the mission. So it feels like I'm losing a good friend and the ward won't be the same, but I'll get over it and baptize everybody anyway. Thank you all for being awesome and I added a picture of us and Peter Lo

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