Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Well this last week was fun. Monday night we took a road trip to go stay the night with two of my past companions (the assistants) in Ventura. It was pretty much like a sleepover, I absolutely love those two. Then we had breakfast at the mission home, and it took me a while to figure out why they were serving us a bunch of green food and why everyone else had a green tie on. I guess it was st. Patrick's day or something... who knew. Then after breakfast we had MLC which was a big long wonderful revelatory experience. The church is starting #BecauseHelives soon for easter, and we got a sneak peek. It is a great video, the church is so cool. Yep, it was all good , and on Thursday we met with the zone and basically told them about everything we talked about at MLC. Along with that we met with the stake and public affairs on Wednesday, that was fine. As for the missionary work in my area, Madison said she is feeling a lot better, but she won't be back in town for another week, so we just have to be patient I guess. We did teach Isabella on Wednesday and we had an awesome lesson about repentance and how it is and should be a joyful process. Also I guess she will be visiting Provo this week, so that's cool. We have found some interesting people along the way, and I'll tell you about Jayden and Megan. They are students, and Jayden is outgoing kind of a loud personality, and Megan sometimes pipes in. We found them a month ago, but stopped by again this week. We tried to teach them the Plan of Salvation, but Jayden is all over the place and asks a bunch of random questions. Anyways Megan is a lot more interested in learning and has mormon family, so we are trying to figure out how we can separate them and teach just Megan. That is pretty much the gist of last week, and this week is gearing up to be a good one. We have 3 exchanges and a special MLC with Elder Nielson of the first quorom of the seventy. I love you all and have a fantastic week.

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