Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happiest Town in America

Hello everyone, This week has been another great week over here in the happiest town in America. I think I heard a rumor once that that's what Opra said so it must be true. Next week is transfers, so we find out on Saturday if we are staying or leaving.Elder Kanenwisher is a great companion, and I would like to stay, but you never know. Also that means we get to figure out all of the logistics of getting everyone to and from transfer meeting with all their luggage and bikes, yay! As far as this last week goes everything is went great. We are working with 6 recent converts in the ward, 2 of which are only semi-active. Jesse, Bella, Helen and Hana are doing great and we are helping them talk to their friends about the gospel and invite them to one of our lessons. Hana invited her friend Taylor to meet with us, so we have an appointment with them both this week! There a couple other friends of people in the ward that are on our radar and I think will soon start investigating. Now that the ward is up and running again, they should be coming to activities and we can introduce ourselves there. I like to think of ourselves like a dormant volcano just about to erupt with a bunch of new investigators. As for the 2 others, Mason is doing a lot better and he came to all three hours of church on Sunday despite his severe social anxiety. That was great, and we also got in contact with Megan, who was baptized in July. She transferred to Cal Poly in September, but hasn't gotten involved over here at all. We had a lesson with her this last week and she is great, she has a testimony, but she is a busy person. We talked about building her testimony and she enjoys meeting with missionaries so I think once she comes to a couple activities, and gets to know the ward that will help. But I think the stronger her testimony gets the more time she will make for church. In general though the work is moving forward and I am excited to be a part of it. Thank you all for being awesome, and good luck out there Erin!

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