Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Hike

Well happy new year everybody. This last week was a great start to the new year. We went on a hike as a zone and hiked up to a waterfall. We had a good time and while we were there we buried our "weapons" of war. We wrote things on a piece of paper that were holding us back, things that we needed to sacrifice in order to become better. We folded them into swords and buried them in the ground never to be found again.
Then we had a district meeting on new years day, and that was great. In district meetings we just get together as a district and people give talks and we practice our missionary skills things like that. This one was a really spiritual experience and I have grown to love this district. We are all fairly new in the mission so we will see more of each other.
We are still teaching Sister Brinton and her family. She has a baptismal date for the 25th, and is really excited to be baptized. I think the family will follow after she set the example. I am really excited for her and her family.
Also this week we found a man named David and he told us he is a pastor at some christian church and he was excited to see us and told us we should come back anytime. So we went back not sure what to expect, because either he was really excited to bash with us or just a friendly person. Fortunately he was just a really friendly person and we had a really good lesson and answered a lot of the questions that he had and he gladly accepted a book of mormon and will read it.
I am doing great here and love you all thank you for all the pictures and Jen good luck with your nose :)

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