Monday, December 9, 2013

Jousting and Jesters

Hello everybody I am still doing great here in California. It is getting a little colder and it actually rained a little bit. This last week was really good our ward had their Christmas party and it was a lot of fun and really interesting. It had a medieval theme so there was jousting and jesters and it was definitely one of a kind, but it was a lot of fun. We had and investigator there, Sandy Dawson and she had a good time. before the party we taught a lesson in the chapel and it went really well. She has a really hard time coming to church, so to have a lesson in the chapel even though it wasn't Sunday was a really big step for her. Also last week we tracted into a less active member of 15 years named Carolina who just moved into the area and we didn't know about. Yesterday we got to teach her two kids Chris and Katherine they are 14 and 15. They are great we taught them about the restoration and read with them from the Book of Mormon. They are both really excited to read from it. The dad isn't very interested but the mom said she would come to an activity to meet some sisters in the ward, which is great. I am really excited about this family. I am doing really good here still it is hard, but I am growing and learning a lot. The work here is just spiritually exhausting and sometimes I wonder if I will ever get a break, I won't, but it has definitely taught me to rely on the Lord. The work here definitely has its challenges, but it is worth it. I love you guys and have a merry Christmas.

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